Comparing Major Hosting Companies: Bluehost vs GoDaddy

There are so many hosting companies out there now that it can make your head spin trying to figure out who to go with. Some companies offer discounts, but they don’t last, while other companies offer the same rate up front and it often doesn’t change. There are so many convoluted pricing structures among hosting companies, it can really be hard to determine what’s a good value. On top of that, each hosting company offers different features and other things to try and lure customers in, making it even more difficult to know what to do.

Two of the most prominent hosting companies in the industry are Bluehost and GoDaddy. Both hosting companies are extremely big players, and although Bluehost also sells domain names, that’s really what GoDaddy is best known for (even though they sell web hosting now). Looking at these two giants, it can be difficult to know which one to choose, as their prices are pretty similar and their features are similar too.

Based on pricing alone, Bluehost is a little bit better value as you get more features and other things related to the hosting plan, according to the popular review site Webhostingbuddy. On top of that, Bluehost has been in the hosting game a bit longer than GoDaddy and they have better technical support and a more thorough feature set than GoDaddy does. In terms of Bluehost vs GoDaddy’s web hosting, it’s hard to beat Bluehost with any of their offerings from shared hosting to dedicated servers. However, if you’re looking to register a domain name, it can be hard to beat GoDaddy and they are definitely the better of the two when it comes to domain names as it’s something they do much more of and have been doing for a longer time.

Like many other things, whether you should choose GoDaddy or Bluehost really comes down to personal preference, you budget and also your needs in a web hosting company. If you’re looking for the best customer service (which is very important when it comes to hosting), you might be better off with Bluehost as their support has been good for many years, and GoDaddy tends to do more outsourcing of their chat support it seems and it’s harder to get knowledgeable technicians, although it’s not impossible. That said, GoDaddy does have great telephone support for domain names and it’s something that might end up trickling into the hosting side of their operations too, so if you’re looking for good support, GoDaddy might get better as time goes on. At the end of the day, you have to choose the hosting company that meets your needs best, and if you take the time to think about the various companies and compare and contrast them, you’re likely to end up making a good choice.

Website Speed: Why It’s Important

Does your website take longer than normal to load? If so, it can have a serious impact on your site’s ability to attract new leads for your business or provide a quality site experience for anyone who happens to see it. Why is site speed important to the success of your site, and how can you improve the loading time of your site?

Why Site Speed Matters

Customers don’t want to wait all day to find out more about a product or complete a purchase. Tests have shown that decreasing the page load time form 8 seconds to under 5 seconds could result in thousands of extra dollars in sales. If your site takes too long to load, customers could hit the back button and make a purchase from the competition. To someone trying to buy something online, a slow loading speed is akin to waiting for too long in line at the grocery store. It is bad customer service and makes it less likely that they will come back in the future.

It Could Be Hurting Your Position in the SERPs

Google does not like sites that do not load in a timely fashion. It is one of the factors that it uses to determine which sites are quality sites and which sites are less than quality sites. If you notice that your site is having a hard time ranking, do a speed test to see where your site can improve and if increasing the speed of your site helps push it up the SERPs.

How to Improve the Speed of a Site

What actions can you take to improve the speed of your site? Well, there are many things that you can do. First of all, you should run a page speed test to benchmark your website’s speed. Then you’ll have a starting point to improve on.  Then, you should move your site from a shared host to a dedicated host. Second, you can add apps to your server that will increase the speed of your site. Finally, you can cache or compress files in an effort to streamline your site and make it run smoother and faster.

Sites that load quickly and allow customers to navigate with ease are sites that convert visitors into customers on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to take steps to improve site speed and page load time in an effort to give your customers the experience that they deserve.

Why You Should Pay Close Attention to Your Website, Including Your SLA

Monitoring your website is a very important part of a business. Failing to gain feedback on every aspect of how a company is functioning could cause productivity and progress to falter quickly. Customer feedback, monitoring inventory, revenue, and expenses help keep a company on track and moving forward steadily. Because a website acts as an online business card and first impression to customers surfing the net, monitoring your website becomes even more crucial to the success of a company.

So what should you monitor on your website?

Knowing how much traffic your website is generating is very important. If the traffic seems to be decreasing, you should know why. Think about online traffic like customers physically walking into your store. If the numbers are going down, so will sales. You will want to make sure that traffic is steady and continues to increase. Additionally, knowing how many people have been searching your company’s website is a very good thing to monitor. It will help you develop new marketing ideas that can draw even more traffic to the site.

While it is great to know how many visitors your website is receiving it is even better to know where those visits are originating from. Perhaps you have an article that is bringing in a great deal of traffic. This is valuable information. It always helps to know where your customers are coming from.

Do you know how well your website is functioning? It is a good idea to keep tabs on that to make sure your site is available for your customers to access. You do not want to lose countless potential customers or subscribers because a tab on your website is not working properly, or your server is down. If you keep up on things like this, your business will definitely benefit. Additionally, a professional, smoothly functioning website will leave potential customers with have a lasting impression and a great experience with your company. If you’re using a web hosting company, and you don’t know how well they are performing that could be a pretty big problem. You should be actively managing your SLA agreement with a third party solution in order to keep tabs on your web host, and file for a credit if need be.

When it comes to the functionality of your website this includes the shopping cart section. If your website’s shopping cart is complicated or slow this can cost your company a great deal of money. In fact, it is estimated that sluggish or difficult shopping carts might cause millions of dollars in sales lost. It is crucial to monitor this function and make sure it is always working properly.

There are a lot of little things that you can do to improve the quality of your website. Perhaps the download speed on your website is slow. Try to make some images smaller. You can also try to either compress or remove others. It is important to remember that some people have very slow connections. Make sure your website is accessible and easy to download as possible. This will encourage more page visits and result in more business.