Is It Overkill to Monitor Your Web Applications?

Is it often wondered and debated about if it is a good thing or a bad thing to monitor your web applications. It can become a serious issue if the website application isn’t working as it can lead to losing money. Let’s face it: we all need money in today’s world and one can never have enough of it with the uncertainly of the times we are living in. Every sale and every purchase is an important one. There is no such thing as a small sale. Every penny and every consumer/customer counts for the company as a whole when they are looking at the bottom line. One bad application experience can turn into five as the word spreads like wildfire.

The pros of keeping track of this and always being in the loop is that you are focused on the task at hand. You are ready for whatever may come your way and can fix it quickly and without any hesitation. After all, businesses should be run like businesses and they have a certain image to uphold to the public. Reputation is so important and a good one can lead to bigger and better things while a bad one can be the downfall of a company. By monitoring them, you can spot any bugs that happen to come up and take care of them right away. You don’t want to delay or hesitate in this sort of situation. There a wide range of companies and solutions to choose from when you’re thinking about how to best implement a web application monitoring strategy.

However, it can be a bad thing if you are spending too much worrying about it, obsessing over it, and checking it over and over again. As the old adage goes, paralysis by analysis, and that rings true when it comes to monitoring the status of your web application. You could be wasting valuable time that could be spent on other parts of the business. In order to make sure that you don’t waste too much of your time, there are a number of services available that you can use to keep track of your web applications so you don’t need to be checking them manually all the time. Companies like SolarWinds, Pingdom, and other internet monitoring companies all offer options for web app monitoring at varying price points.

In the end, it is all about finding balance. It is just like anything in life, you need to be aware but not too aware. You need to take care of it but also learn when to let go and when to relax. Too much of anything, good or bad, can be extremely unhealthy. When running a web application, one must remember to always take it seriously but also have some fun with it. You can track your shopping cart and see its progress, but don’t forget to put the phone away and trust that what you have done is correct and that everything is going to work itself out just fine.